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The A16 is a John's entry into the Archtop arena. John's intention was not to make an f-hole "jazzbox" but to combine the attributes of his flattop guitars with that of a carved top and back. The results are a guitar with a loud cutting voice, yet a the personallity of a flattop. Although the typical Euro Spruce over Maple combination is great, John is using other wood combinations to create even a more unique voice.

Specifications A16
Body Length 20-1/2"
Width Lower Bout 16"
Width Upper Bout 10-3/4"
Width at Waist 9-1/4"
Depth at EndPin 3-3/8"
Depth at Arch 4-5/8"
Frets to Body 13
Typical Scale Length 25.4"

Player's are enjoying the A16 model to explore some different elements of playing styles. Some have commented that it works well for Gypsy Jazz stuff yet can really shine with blues. It has opened up some avenues to many players from the flattop world to experiment with new sound. It is a really fun guitar to play.