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The GP , Grand Parlor is a smaller model similar to the 00-12 but now with a more refined outline. Loosely based on guitars built in the early part of the 20th century the "GP's" capture a "vintage" sound with a warm bass and powerful trebles. As with the FS the 12 fret body joint, makes the bridge move a little further 'south' getting it out in the middle of the soundboard. This does allow the GP to really project quite well, and after hearing one, many are surprised that so much tone comes from such a smaller guitar.


Body Length 19-1/2"
Width Lower Bout 14-1/4"
Width Upper Bout 10"
Width at Waist 8-1/4"
Depth at EndPin 4-1/8"
Depth at NeckBlock 3-1/2"
Frets to Body 12
Typical Scale Length 25.4"