Top Woods

There are many optional features and upgrades that can be applied to an Osthoff Guitar, but choosing the tonewood for the top will not only impact the look of your guitar, but also the tone. While many other factors influence the sound of your guitar, the soundboard is one of the most important factors relating to tone.

  Some Italian Spruce Drying Out

Some Top woods laid-out in front of the 2 AS models in progress: (L-R) 2 grades of Sitka, Englemann, Adirondack, Walnut & Koa. John also has European, German Moonspruce in stock. Although John does not have a large amount of Caucasian, Lutz or Carpathian Spruce in stock, he does have a few sets of each stashed away for future projects

In the photo to the right are a couple of sets of Italian Spruce that were cut in 2004 but probably won't be used till at least 2014. John usually "seasons" his top sets at least a couple of years, but more often it will be much longer.

Most Osthoff guitars will receive a Spruce Top. Chosen for it stiffness across the grain and its lightweight, Spruce has become the "standard" for soundboards. In addition, John also uses Cedar and Redwood for guitar tops. Although more common as a back/side wood Walnut and Koa can also be used for tops.