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The Small Jumbo (SJ) is one of John's most popular models. The SJ was long time in development and the prototypes were so succesful that John redeveloped his entire line based on the SJ. The SJ is a little more "modern" in style than a traditional O-style guitar, but that is the point. With 16" lower bout, these guitar can really drive some air when pushed, yet the design allow for a responsive instrument that is super for fingerstyle. This model comes standard with a cutaway and a 13 fret neck/body join.

Body Length 20-1/2"
Width Lower Bout 16"
Width Upper Bout 10-3/4"
Width at Waist 9-1/4"
Depth at EndPin 4-5/8"
Depth at NeckBlock 3-5/8"
Frets to Body 13
Typical Scale Length 25.4"

Fingerstylist's really enjoy the SJ model for their style of music. John has added "more" modern features such as soundports or ergonomic Ryan Style Bevels. Although not a traditional as some instruments, the SJ allows John some freedom to explore options that would not quite "fit" on a traditional guitar.