"So, the OM has been road tested and the result-in; OUTSTANDING! In all situations, there is great response from this instrument. It is a true pleasure to play. The balance is superb...better than I originally thought. The lows are so incredibly sweet and most importantly, it is effortless to get superior tone out of that box. What a triumph, this OM is a superior instrument. AND, the crowds love it more than all others I played... I brought 5 all together (mainly for residencies...but I had all of them on stage). Most people said it was their favorite guitar. They love the Macassar ebony. So the reviews are in--The OM is a great guitar."
Keith Knight, BearClaw Music

"Just a quick note to let you know I am completely, 100% thrilled with my new 00-12C--so worth the wait! I have yet to think of one thing I kinda wish I'd have had you done or done differently-that's a first. Everything about this guitar fits me seemingly perfectly. I love the the feel, the neck, and the action. I'm learning to be a bit lighter on the playing for this one, which ends up with very sweet, crystal clear articulation, yet nice string/fret percussive sounding rythym when I get a little rougher with it. Still, always clear though. It sure has been fun to play. It's probably the most beautiful guitar I've ever had--you did an outstanding job on the sunburst. I know you put your heart, soul, and lots of extra time in to that to get it right. I really do apreciate it."
Ken Totushek, Graceworks Music

"I LOVE the guitar! We've been recording with it for the past two weeks. She's beautiful ... I've been playing your guitar almost exclusively on stage. I'm loving it. Around March, it seemed to open up in a new way, and the two of us are giddy with happiness. All of a sudden, too, EVERYONE is asking me where I got it!"
Zoe Recording Artist Nerrisa Nields

"AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Been playing it around the clock...and have fallen behind everything... and it's all your fault. This is such a sweet guitar. Damn that sound is incredible...the sustain lasts so long... just strumming it... and I go and make a sandwich and come back and the sound is still coming out of it. I just don't know what that say .... Thanks just doesn't seem good enough."
Keith Knight, BearClaw Music, about his AS.

"Now that I've been playing this SD for a few weeks I wanted to send you a follow up email and tell you that it remains a truly amazing guitar. I have had numerous custom builds over the years (obviously as you have done 3 for me yourself) but I feel more connected to this guitar than just about any other I have ever owned. I'm not sure why but I love this one in my soul and I will be playing it for a long, long time to come. "
Hunter B. ~ Salt Lake City, NV.

"I was sitting here playing my guitar and having a beer, and I happened to look inside and noticed the label. It's been 10 years since you shipped it, and it sounds better every day. She's gotten a could bumps, bruises and scratches over the years, but I can say I've owned it longer than any other guitar. "
Bob B. ~ Philadelphia.

"I'm loving the guitar it's is great Everyone who's playing it has loved it too "
Bill Kaman. ~ Austin, TX.

"That persimmon SJ is growing on me - it has your trademark clarity, articulation and balance, attractive aesthetics and in addition comes in a very comfortable ergonomic Package. It is quite sensitive/responsive to touch and has lot of sustain that somehow does not muddle the sound as each note change still rings clear and stands out. Well done! "
George L. ~ Saugerties, NY.

"I am fortunate to have a wonderful 2003 Osthoff dreadnaught ! It has a Sitka top, Madagascar back and sides, curly maple body binding, and multi part neck. Attention to detail is outstanding. The sound out of this guitar is truly amazing, rich, powerful, resonant, projective, with great sustain. Would I buy this guitar again if I had to make this decision again? You bet! Thanks John, and keep up the great work. "
W. Canales ~ Texas.

"I finally had a chance to really sit down with the guitar tonight. All I can say is WOW! It sounds absolutely amazing. It is balanced and full with crystal clear highs - in short it is everything I was looking for in a custom built guitar. I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. It will always be treasured as a work of art from a master luthier!"
Bill T. ~ Danbury CT.

" My Osthoff AS is a wonderful fingerstyle instrument...It is very responsive to a light touch...I think the Redwood top and the longer scale contributes to the thick syrupy voice that comes out with the lightest touch...It is a wonderful guitar... "
Chris R. ~Waynesboro Virgina.

"Koa Jumbo from John Osthoff. My new favorite for use in worship. LOUD, clear; warm,uncluttered tone with a terrific bottom end that really inspires me to try new things. A beautifully crafted instrument."
K.A ~ San Fransico

"Hey john...the l-oo is great...warm yet clean sounding and i'm amazed how well it responds to a light touch...i'll have to learn to play lighter...i even went at it with a pick...it held its tone, really well...never got muddy...nice work, my friend."
Marty B. ~Maynard MA.

"I wanted to pass along a little compliment that I received on my guitar yesterday. There's a guy a few miles away from me that I've been taking my guitars to for set ups and the like for the last 10 years or so. He's an interesting guy, and he mainly works on higher end guitars. Anyway,; I walked in yesterday with my JS and also one of my electrics for basic set ups and minor adjustments. He looked at the electric first, ... then he asked what was in the other case I told him it was an acoustic made by John Osthoff. He said that over the last couple of years he's been doing work on more and more "small shop" made guitars and that for the most part they are all good guitars. So he takes my JS out of it's case and played a little.He put it down and said that it very well could be the nicest guitar that has been in his shop, He called me last night to ask a couple of questions and said again how impressed he was with the guitar you made."
Bob B. ~ Philadelphia

"As a working musician for twenty-five plus years, I felt compelled to write you about the acoustic guitar you recently completed for me. As your web page states, "Fine instruments tend to stir the soul and inspire music from within the people who play them." Taking that into consideration let me say that your guitar is the finest I have ever played. Each time I pick it up I go for a ride to a different level. I have written and performed more originals in the last few months of owning your guitar than I ever dreamed existed in my spirit and when I play some of them people are moved to approach the stage and speak to me right then and there. Every time a guitar player approaches me it's to ask me about the guitar and who makes it and how can they get one. Before purchasing your guitar, I had resolved myself to a musical life of stale smelling juke joints and an endless compilation of every over-played tune a musician can conjure. Then, as if the Gods were smiling down on me, you came up with the great idea to inspire musicians through top quality instruments! Imagine!!! It is my honor to own and play an Osthoff guitar and simply put, "it is the finest instrument I have ever heard."   
Jeff K ~ Berkshire Village MA.

"Now I'm really not going to get any sleep. UPS just dropped off the guitar about 30 minutes ago. I can't write much as I am typing with my nose so I can keep playing. The guitar is more than I even hoped for. The pics were good but the real deal is sooooo much better. The action and tone are exactly what I was looking for. I love the projection and volume out of this beauty. I already called my wife and told her to cancel any plans for the weekend for me, I am going to be busy getting to know this guitar! I don't how you do it, this is by far the best sounding and best looking guitar I have ever heard, played and seen. I just can't believe it's mine. The FWI is a definitely a nice touch, I love the way it looks. Everything is perfect, perfect, perfect. Thanks again for such a great experience. Well I am going to get back to playing."
Curt L. ~ Cranford NJ.

"Now that I've spent a substantial amount of time playing the 12-string I wanted to send you another email and tell you that the guitar is truly wonderful. The tone of the guitar just keeps getting better the more it's played. It just couldn't sound any better. Honestly John, I have a pretty enviable guitar collection and this is quickly becoming one of my favorites. In fact, I'm so impressed that I think I may end up getting back on your build list next year and get something in brazilian rosewood! Okay, I don't mean to go on about it but I did want to say thank you again. I LOVE the guitar."
Hunter B. ~ Salt Lake City NV.

"Why am I just now discovering John Osthoff? What a gift he has, creating an instrument that plays so easy and speaks (not sounds) "speaks" so individually from any guitars I've ever played. Unlike any other guitar I've ever seen, this AS-C, not only captures my creativity, expands my ability, and inspires me, it's a work of art. You get an incredible piece of fine art and he throws in a masters instrument at no extra charge. I have nice guitars but my Osthoff is in a class by itself. Seriously, Thank you so much!"
Don D. ~ Chicago IL.

" ... Just wanted to let you know I play it( his SJ) at least an hour every day -> several hours on weekends. Absolutely love it! Whatever you do, don't ever change the neck width. I can play the guitar for hours and never suffer any hand strain. I can't say the for my other guitars. I'm glad that there are artists in the world that can build beautiful wood instruments for the rest of us to enjoy. You truly have the talent and "gift" of making good things for humanity. "
M. Chapman ~ Willits, CA.