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Standard Rosettes include solid wood or herringbone surrounded by purfling lines. There are many options including different wood combinations that can make a rosette unique.

Note: The Images of the rosettes on this page work as links and when clicked on will open a larger (and usually more detailed) shot of the rosette in another browser window. Use the scroll-bar (or your mouse) to see all the images on this page.

The Spiral Rosette shown on the right is an example of a Solid Wood Rosette made from Buckeye burl. There are many wood choices that will make a nice addition to your guitar.

Spiral Rosette
 Spiral Rosette

Another "spiral," this time with some accents.

The Mobius Rosette shown on the right is an example of combining wood and Abalone to create something unique.

Mobius Rosette
 Rope Rosette

Here is a varition on the weave rosette shown below, we are calling it the rope. This one is made with gold and brown mother of pearl.

The Rosette shown on the right is an example of a Solid Wood Rosette made from Buckeye burl. There are many wood choices that will make a nice addition to your guitar.

Spiral Rosette
Small Spiral Rosette

Another solid wood this time made from wenge with snakewood rings.

The Rosewood Rosette shown on the right is an example of a Solid Wood Rosette. There are many wood choices that will make a nice addition to your guitar.

Tiger Rosette
Fleur Di Lis  Rosette

Loosely inspired by the Fleur Di Lis.

A rosette inspired from the Stauffer styles of CF Martin I., although implememented with maple instead of pearl.

Staufer Rosette
 Herringbone Rosette

Another "standard," the Herringbone Rosette.

Here is a variation on the herringbone theme, still concidered a "standard" rosette.

Another Herringbone style
Wooden Flames Rosette

This rosette is a little more elaborate and is an example of how we can "personalize" your guitar. Here the customer sent us a sketch which we refined and then implemented with rosewood on maple.

Here is another rosewood rosette with a green abalone accent. In general, there will be an "up-charge" for abalone inlayed into rosettes.

Rosewood with Abalone Rosette
 Koa with Abalone Rosette

Another example of wood with abalone, this time in Koa.

This style rosette has been a popular option on John's guitars. It is based on the classic lozenge-and-ball pattern used by Stradivarius for the Rode Violin (1722.) In this photo you can also see the K&K microphone peeking through the soundhole.

Dot and Diamond Rosette
Stradivarius Rode Rosette

Another example of a Stradivarius Rode Violin based rosette. This time surrounded by snakewood with gold and white mother of pearl for the dots and diamonds. There is also a K&K microphone in there. And yes the strings do appear this way on purpose, it is a left-handed guitar.

One more look at the dot and diamond theme. Yea and that color was done "on-purpose" per the customer's request. Also another lefty.

Brown Mother of Pearl Rosette
Abalone Rosette

A "wide" Paua Rosette with black/white/black puflings.

A 3 ring Rosette with a "wide" Paua Abalone center ring

3 Ring Abalone Rosette
Abalone on Ebony Rosette

An Abalone and Ebony rosette. Notice in this implementation, the abalone that is part of the fretboard also follows the radius of the Abalone in the rosette.

At first look one might think this is the same rosette as the one shown just above. It is very simular and both these rosettes were made for a couple of "shop" guitars. By enlarging (clicking the photo which will open another window with a larger image of the photo), you can see they are slightly different. This one has a slightly wider abalone center and no black & white lines surrounding the center ring.

Abalone on Ebony Rosette
Abalone on Sunburst Rosette

Another Abalone Ring, this time on a Sunburst Top.

Brown Mother-of-Pearl Single Ring Rosette.

Brown Mother of Pearl Rosette
Rosewood Rosette

The Rosewood Rosette, simple but nice

While we are looking at all this shell, here is a closeup of a Green Abalone 3- Ring Rosette.

Green Abalone Rosette Close-up
Redwood Burl Rosette

Redwood Burl

Bloodwood on a Redwood topped guitar.

Bloodwood on Redwood Rosette
Spalted Maple Rosette

Here is a Solid Wood Rosette, in this case using a piece of spalted maple.

Here is a shot of a rosette that is in progress. Also a spalted maple.

Spalted Maple Rosette in Progress
Brazilian Ebony and Abalone

Brazilian Rosewood, Ebony and Abalone. Although the picture isn't very good, you can see the subtle color transitions of the rosewood and ebony.

Some White and Gold Mother of Pearl Butterflies and Flowers. The theme actaually carried onto the fretboard and headstock.

Weave Rosette

John's "Weave Rosette." A Snakewood center, surrounded by Brazilian Rosewood with Gold and White Mother of Pearl.

Another Example of the Weave Rosette, this time with Cocobolo for the center ring.

Weave Rosette
Crown of Thorns Rosette

This rosette is made up from White Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Snakewood and Ebony.